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This web shop will offer a growing number of special automotive collectibles. So visit us regularly to see what's new.

Dutch Center for Automotive Historical Documentation (NCAD)

2500 meters of documentation from before 1900 to the present

It must be strange if the NCAD has nothing about the subject you are working on. The center includes a Historical Archive and a Modern Archive. The oldest pieces in our collection date from before 1900. The newest are very current. In total, the collection comprises more than 2500 linear meters of documentation about cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. This documentation includes workshop manuals, press kits, 100,000 (press) photos, 15,000 sales brochures, questions, magazines from the Netherlands and abroad, yearbooks and reference works. Thanks to the cataloging work of our volunteers, the desired documentation can quickly be brought to the table. You can view our book collection via the website: under the heading NCAD and online catalogue.

Access to the archives

You can visit the Modern Archive for free. Here is a cozy reading and study room and you have access to hundreds of car books, reference works and contemporary car magazines. The Historical Archive and the digital files are only accessible to (club) donors. But even if you are not a donor, you can have photocopies made and photos reproduced. The NCAD does not lend documents. Because the NCAD only works with volunteers and some days are better staffed than others, we would like to be informed in advance of a visit. And preferably also with the information that you would like to take back home with you, so that we can prepare ourselves.

NCAD, the national car memory of the Netherlands

The objective of the NCAD is to collect, preserve and make accessible documentation on cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and tractors. Mobility history (traffic and transport) is also part of our collection policy. We do this for enthusiasts and restorers, for clubs and magazines. For scientists, professionals, and amateurs. For students and appraisers. For museums, importers and special clients. To optimally fulfill its function as a national car memory, the NCAD works closely with the ANWB, BOVAG, FEHAC, FOCWA, HTS Autotechniek, Stichting Historie der Techniek and Eindhoven University of Technology. We also maintain contacts with museums, archives, importers, insurers, etc.

Targeted searches

The NCAD is regularly approached for specific searches. Institutions, companies, but also private individuals can provide a search. We charge start-up costs and a fee on an hourly basis for search work. But the following applies: no cure no pay! We are happy to inform you about the possibilities and, if desired, provide a budget in advance.

How do you become a donor or sponsor?

Your support is vital to the NCAD. The center is an independent foundation, which can only exist thanks to sponsorship and donations.
Individuals: € 25,- per year;
Car clubs with less than 200 members: € 75 per year;
Car clubs with more than 200 members: € 150 per year;
Companies: from € 100 per year.

Do not let automotive documentation go to waste!

The NCAD archives grow almost daily thanks to donations and loan collections. Special mention deserves the historic and world-famous collection of the late Piet Olyslager. This collection alone includes 350 meters of shelve space. But smaller collections are equally welcome. It would be a shame if historically important material were lost during clearing work or after a death. For gifts and donations, it can be fiscally beneficial to know that the NCAD is certified by the Tax Authorities as a “charity foundation”; rather, the NCAD is a Public Benefit Institution (ANBI).