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# unnumbered, closed size is 1/3rd A4

# MO 1046 6203, closed size is 1/3rd A4, very good condition and a rare item

# unnumbered, 1963 (60 Jahre), A5-size, showing the Octavia/Octavia Super/Octavia Combi & Felicia Cabriolet with hardtop


# unnumbered, undated (75 Jahre)


#unnumbered, undated (80 years)

#unnumbered, undated

#unnumbered, undated,
shows 105 S/L/GL & 120 L/LS/GLS models (export brochure)

#unnumbered, undated (80 years)

# issued by Belgium importer, comes with separate pricelist dated 1.03.1983 (French/Dutch)