Size 22 x 39 cm [closed], good condition with some damage on the sides due to size, has been folded vertically over the middle, still a nice item [scans show brochure folded-out, both sides]

# undated, unnumbered, size 23,5 x 31 cm

# undated, 16 104.14, comes with punch holes

# undated, unnumbered, comes with punch holes and a small cut-out piece in the rear cover, hence the rebate

# 29.105.11, A5-size

# 20.102.11, A5-size

# 21.102.11, A5-size

# undated, unnumbered, inside pages shown, cover has letter of Renault Nederland, year estimated, has also punch holes

# 23.125.11, large fold-out with Alpine A310 V6 included, Belgium market

# unnumbered, USA market item with Renault GTA Convertible export model