Size A4, empty back, no text, year approximate

# unnumbered, undated, UK market item, aircraft has Continental engines supplied by Rolls-Royce, rear cover has nice photo with MG B Convertible with Hardtop, an unusual item

# J. 3029 Fl/D 76000 73-1-22 St.

Size 27,5 x 36,5 cm, good condition, # Ref. 5038/EX, 1/98/7-5,has been folded over the middle due to size, still a very good item

# unnumbered, undated, comes with separate price list dated 7/1981 for the Dutch market

Size A4, # PLFEV8A01FR 1/12/2018

# leaflet issued by Dutch importer De Binckhorst,

# press photo issued by Dutch importer Caland, comes with techn. specs sheets

# leaflet issued by Sobimpex (manufacturer in Belgium) for Benelux

Brochure, 6 pages, 20 x 20 cm , Dutch language